Cancellation Notice - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Pan-Dominican Airways (PDA) announces the cancellation of "Dancing on My Own," an interactive audio-visual jukebox and video installation by Pirate Cinema Berlin, initially scheduled to open on September 4, 2020 at 6 pm local time, inside the medieval Pulverturm complex in Oldenburg, Germany. The successful launch of the installation has been postponed indefinitely.

As the main (gold+platinum) sponsor of the event, we remain committed to standing side by side with the artists we support. Recent studies corroborate our firmly held belief that emerging artists are often hit hardest by a global emergency. Fun facts aside, we wish to thank the ground staff at ERH OLDENBURG and HFK BREMEN, including the local sponsors at STADT OLDENBURG and DAS DYNAMISCHE ARCHIV, for their unwavering attitude towards the difficulties. The perceived safety of our clients, partners, friends and followers remains the #1 priority across our entire fleet of services, including our growing social media portfolio.

If the current situation permits, a representative of Pirate Cinema Berlin will be available for a short Q&A in front of the Pulverturm at the aforementioned date and time. For coach services from OLDENBURG HBF, please consult or local authorities and mobile applications. To receive regular status updates and alerts, you are most welcome to sign-up at

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